Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Synapse Engineering now available at 240sxmotoring.com

Innovation is the product of our most basic drive, problem solving. Innovation then becomes the foundation for the next evolution

In 1999 we designed the Missing Link product line to fix some of the unaddressed reliability problems that plagued aftermarket turbocharged Honda and Acura owners. Six years later the underlying concept still stands and the Missing Link is, today, an industry standard. Synchronic is a fundamental redesign of the geometry of the ubiquitous pneumatic/hydraulic actuator. This approach is one that we endeavor to commercialize for applications in Automotive, Aerospace, Medical devices, Manufacturing etc. It is this horizontal platform technology that you will find in our new line of Synchonic fuel pressure regulators. It is this approach that has allowed us to miniaturize the legacy FMU to 1/5th it original size. Synchronic will also be the core for products we will be launching that will challenge the legacy approach to the pneumatic boost controller, blow off valve and wastegate. Our mission is to innovate and deliver products that go beyond repackaging the status quo, but instead, redefine the performance landscape.

Synapse Engineering BOV and Wastegates available Here

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

25 Days Til CHRISTMAS Count-Down

Every day until christmas, we are offering ONE product on special for wholesale pricing. Check this page daily for the new product of the day special.

25days of christmas SPECIALS