Wednesday, November 4, 2009

McKinney RB Mount Kit Now Available

Mckinney Motorsports is a well known tuning and fabrication shop located in Murrieta, California that has specialized in tuning and building DATSUN/NISSAN import drag (DATSUN 510) and drift cars (240sx's)for themselves and other shops for over 10+ years. Mckinney Motorsports is now known globally for their personal line (Mckinney Motorsports products and Touge Racing Products) of racing parts for hardcore racers. Their proven abilities with engine swaps, their willingness to provide technical advice to tuning enthusiasts and their excellent customer service has moved them to the forefront of the import scene. Custom Fabrication of mounts for motor swaps, turbo parts and manifolds, intercooler and piping for all cars.

Mckinney Motorsports has maintain a position in the forefront of the Nissan and USA Drift scene since the beginning. They have built cars and supported racecars for other shops and teams from the beginning. You can see “Mckinney Motorsports” logos on numerous top ten drift cars currently in the drift scene.

McKinney Motorsports Products Sold Here