Friday, October 16, 2009

Moroso Nissan Silvia SR20DET RWD Large Capacity Aluminum Oil Pan

Finally an aftermarket oil pan that is reasonably priced! This Moroso Oil pan is HAND TIGGED in house at their Guilford, CT location. YES AMERICAN MADE!. The welds are perfect and definitly show the hard work and time that is put into making one. It is all sheet aluminum press bent and welded. Also features a magnetic oil drain plug. All hardware is supplied with this for flawless install. Stock pickup depth so there is no changes on the OEM oil pickup. There are 2 hinged baffles to allow for proper oil supply to the pickup when corning hard or drifting. The Moroso pan also allows for 4.75qts of oil to be used.

-aluminum sheet metal
-Tig welded
-Magnetic Drain plug
-New Hardware
-4.75qt oil Capacity
-Stock Oil Pickup Height
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