Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tomei Expreme Manifold for SR20DET

The Ultimate SR20 Exhaust Manifold
(The Engine Specialists)
Kit Contents
Exhaust Manifold
Expreme Thermo Bandage
Bolt Smooth Paste
Expreme Sticker


Our EXPREME exhaust manifold is now available for SR20 owners who want a performance upgraded from the genuine exhaust manifold. With our product you can retain the genuine setup and no special modifications are needed to fit the standard turbo. With the SR20DET the exhaust manifold was designed to be close from the exhaust port to the turbine. With the comparison test of our isometric prototype & the factory genuine manifold which also utilizes the same layout, it shows that ours has succeeded in delivering an overall improved performance in both torque and power increase in areas like in the higher RPM range in which you were not able to utilize before. With our extensive testing we have reached the conclusion that the normal design is superior as a total overall efficiency. So to develop an exhaust manifold similar with the design and setup as the factory manifold we were finally able to produce a product worthy to bear our name as a product that has the potential to deliver an overall increase in performance.

Tomei Expreme Turbo Manifold Sold HERE

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