Thursday, October 1, 2009

SEMA is Around the Corner!

Every year our industry gets together with vendors, buyers, and manufactures to show the new upcoming and greatest products out for the automotive scene. SEMA is held usually the first week in November. And of course, we all go to SEMA to talk "business". However during that time, no one is at the shop! That means we actually close our business for a couple days to make our way out to Las Vegas, Nevada. This year our days we are going out there is a tuesday through thursday. Since we will not be at the shop to fulfill orders, take phone calls and ship out products, we will be offering a "SEMA SPECIAL" page that will list a bunch of popular parts at COST!

But the biggest question we ask ourselves is, what products do we offer at the special price? So we decided that it would be best to hear from the our customers on what they want. This way we can better prepare our shelves with the products that are going to move on special. So please email us, comment here, or hit us up on FACEBOOK!