Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Garrett Turbochargers! Best in the Business

Since 1954 Garrett's team of engineers continuously strive to bring the best technical product to the industry. Today Garrett's team of over 500 engineers are working worldwide to further enhance Garrett's ability to meet demanding engine needs.

The Garrett Performance team is bringing Garrett’s turbocharging technology to you for use in your applications. The Garrett Performance Product Catalog incorporates the technology utilized in today’s modern engines.

New compressor and turbine wheel blade designs have improved the overall efficiency of both sides of the turbocharger.

The result: the engine spools up to boost quicker and reduces losses in the engine system (i.e. your engine does not have to work as hard for the same boost level).

GT Product Line:
The Garrett GT product line has expanded to include:

•Engines from less than one liter to 10 liters with a range from 50 Hp to 2000 Hp
•Increased thrust bearing capacity
•Part count reduction resulting in higher durability
•GT products use the latest aerodynamics
•Separate backplates allow the user to upgrade the compressor without changing the center housing

Garrett Turbos for purchase Here.