Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Package Deal for Electronic Boost Gauge

Greddy Boost Gauge and Stand has been added to our collection of "package deals" where we combine parts at a "package" price to give more savings to the end user. We are offering for a limited time only, a Greddy 52mm White face gauge teamed up with a 52mm stand and we are throwing in a free t-shirt also.

Now the Greddy boost gauge is easy to read, sized at 52mm (2"dia) and features new and improved Red LED backlighting, for a new look and long life. White face meters now have Red lettering. Also new is pressure values are displayed in standard (PSI) values.

Stand is a simple double sided tape or a four screw mount to hold the gauge down to the dash. A metal band that compresses when tightened is used to secure the gauge down to the stand. Wiring the gauge is very easy and also illuminates when hooked up to the cars lighting signal.

Greddy Boost and Stand Package Deal - Click to Preview