Friday, September 18, 2009

Canton Racing Products Available ONLINE

How many of you are hardcore about racing? Or know how to build a race car on a hardcore level? Well I can tell you that my mind-set has always been on top notch quality parts for a top notch quality race built. Check out any Professional Race series (IRL, Nascar, Grand-AM, ALMS) and see what parts they have on their cars. I bet you won't see brands like Megan Racing, XS Power, or Ksport on their race cars. When you invest thousands and thousands of dollars into a race car, you depend on reliability and longevity. And thats the type of product we like to carry. If it works for race teams that abuse and put to the test the extreme nature the product is exposed to, then thats the product I want to keep on my shelf for racers, drifters, and street cars.

So we got in touch with a Connecticut based company called CANTON Racing Products. They produce the original Accusump! Here is a brief description of Canton and what are Accusumps.

Canton Racing Products has been building oil pans and engine related products for racing and high performance applications since 1981. We began in a small Connecticut garage building specialty oil pans for local auto racers. The unique oil pans provided racers with the power and quality they demanded. As popularity for the specialty oil pans grew so did our selection of products. Today we offer a wide range of high performance products for racing and the street

Accusumps are oil reservoirs that connect to the engine's oiling system. They are designed collect pressurized oil from your engine and store it so it may be discharge when oil pressure is low. Our Accusump Oil Accumulators deliver oil before starting to eliminate dry start scuffing (pre-oiling) and discharge oil during low oil pressure surges to protect against engine damage during demanding racing conditions. Our Accusump Turbo-Oilers deliver oil to turbos after shut down to lubricate and cool hot turbo components and prevent coke build up and turbo damage.

Our Accusump units are the original and most innovative automotive oil accumulators on the market. All units are built to the highest standards...

- Precision built from heavy wall, roller burnished aluminum tubing with a Teflon hard coated interior.
- Billet aluminum internal piston and screw in end caps.
- Equipped with a pressure release valve.

Canton Racing Oil Accumulators