Monday, September 21, 2009

Brembo Brake Fluid, Legit?

Braking systems on any race car are top priority and should never be overlooked. Over the last time attack season, I played greatly with different pad compounds to suit my liking. However, through out the season I was dealing with some break fade, atleast I thought I was. It wasn't until South Carolina that I tried to switch from an "on-shelf" no name brand Dot4 Brake Fluid to the Brembo Brake Fluid. My first impressions was shocking. I had no idea a brake fluid could make such a drastic change. After getting the pads warmed up, the brake pedal feel was exactly the same! It could have been the 2nd lap or the 15th lap on the track, no matter how hard I was hammering on my brakes, they always felt the same. And consistancy makes a huge difference when trying to make the best lap time. Two Thumbs UP!!

Here is some info that describes brake fluid and Brembo's product.

Due to the extreme operating temperatures of a high performance brake system, standard 'off-the-shelf' brake fluids are not recommended. Of critical importance in determining a fluids ability to handle high temperature applications is the Dry Boiling Point and compressibility.
The Dry Boiling Point is the temperature at which a brake fluid will boil in its virgin non-contaminated state. The highest temperature Dry Boiling Point available in a DOT 3 fluid is 572 F

The Wet Boiling Point is the temperature a brake fluid will boil after it has been fully saturated with moisture. The DOT 3 requirement for wet boiling point is a minimum temperature of 284 F.

Brembo Sport.EVO 500++ Brake Fluid is a premium specification motor vehicle brake and clutch fluid formulated to meet brake system performance requirements for the street and the track. As a U.S. FMVSS No. 116 DOT3 or DOT4 blend, Brembo Sport.EVO 500 is suitable for use in cars (especially those with ABS braking systems), commercial vehicles and motorcycles for which a petroleum-based fluid is specified.

500ml bottle
Typical dry boiling point 520°F
Typical wet boiling point 336°F
Mixes safely with DOT3, DO4 and DOT5.1 brake and clutch fluids
Not suitable for vehicles with mineral oil systems (e.g., certain Citroen models)