Monday, September 28, 2009

Carbonetics....Who are they?

Carbonetics.....when you think of LSD's, you problably have in mind KAAZ, OS Giken, Tomei, etc. Now you should be also mentioning Carbonetics in that list. As a new company to the scene (2001), Carbonetics had come aboard to offer 2 lines of Limited Slip Differentials for the Nissan S-Chassis.

The first model is the typical metal differential that offers the same quality and durability as the KAAZ unit we run in our S14 Time Attack car. It's tough and gets the job done. We recommend this unit for any customer doing any type of driving as they offer this in a 2-way and 1.5way.

Now we come to their second model they offer, the Carbon! The Carbon version is one of those things that you think "Ah, that's cool, but why would I want to spend the money on it". Well, let me just put it in perspective, our time attack car will be switching to this model. The most concerning part for any race car is reliability! Having one thing break on you while you are 2000 miles away from home on a track that you are competing on and invested so much in the car just SUCKS! I rather be practicing my racing line and trying to get speeds up in corners than be in the pits scratching my head. The Carbon LSD pretty much never needs to be serviced! Just change the oil regularly and you are good to go. And since it is carbon plated as opposed to metal plates, it is virtually silent when driving. The last and finally good point to mention here is that there is less heat with the carbon which means less thermo breakdown on parts which also inherently makes the unit more reliable than the standard Metal LSD.

Carbonetic Full Line Available Here