Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ISIS Performance Products

With the extreme change in the market for performance parts, we have seen that there are two types of customers out there. The budget tuner that have limited funds yet feel the need to make changes on thier vehicle in hopes of better performance, then there are customers that buy top quality parts knowing to them the purchase is not an expense, but an investment. They are the ones that know quality over quantity. They rather buy a good part once, rather than buying the lower grade part multiple times.

However, those high quality part customers are fading out and the budget tuners are growing. We have to go with this change to be on top of the market at all times. This is why we brought in ISIS Performance Parts as another line up. ISIS is exactly what we needed for the "budget tuner". Cheap and gets the job done. Quality is there, but no where close to the quality of the higher brand names. But can you complain? In most cases parts are one third the cost of the higher brand names.

ISIS Performance Products Line Up